Established 2013

Statehill was established 2013, with a classifieds website for all general goodies for Sale, Panel, properties and help service (donations) section that is the help focus for the business. The aim is to offering a unique service to the rest of the world. We are a Consulting, Property and  classifieds service provider, Our members include, world agents, conveyancers, builders, decorators, electricians and plumbers just to name a few. 

We have surely made an impression among those  we have come across and has dearly supported us in venturing to the rest of the world. 2014 will be celebrated as the year it all began. We are now only touching base, a lot of systems has to be put in place, but surely, with the support of a great team at Statehill, all is in place and according to schedule. For now though, Our classifieds is up and running and should be in full swing by the end of the 2nd quarter. To all our consultants, employees and sponsors, we say thank you for your support. To you the user, watch this space. MD.


Background: A change is what we want to inspire in all kinds and types of people, individually or collectively, by availing all kinds of goods, services and information to our users. We believe that in supporting others we will have achieved greater rewards than what business is about. We invite you also to join with us in making someone’s dream come true. Advertise on Statehill what you don’t necessarily need, and have no storage for it anywhere in your capacity and we, guarantee you that someone out there needs it. (If we can inspire one, we will inspire ten. What it all means is the caring nature of one revived to compassionately influence the ability of another, to do greater good than the precursor. So c’mon, Influence the good you expect to be good. Frank.M.)

STATEHILL is founded on these grounds, the change we want to see in properties being cared for, is the buyer’s confidence to want to make it; 1. A home too, 2. To own and preserve it. 3. Retain good value. After all, it is your investments and you want it to give you good returns should you want to sell it. With all services enabling you to do just that in one website, is convenience at it best and for Free. The Classifieds is for all users who will find a need to care, share, swop, exchange it for a price. The fact is, you have made it available on Statehill Classifieds for someone to find it. Internationally and in your country and theirs. Visit our blogs and see just how many visitors and users are in support of our strategy, because the vision is clear. We use websites that are built by people for people. We advertise their efforts in support of others. We are driving forcefully a Donations section that will enable all orphanages, under-privileged members of society, non profit organizations, child care, the homeless, schools, clinics, rehabs and much more, to voice their needs and who knows? Someone out there might just have in their disposal, what is needed. You see, STATEHILL is for the people by the people.

Why wait, make the suggestion for a donation, the ones in need will contact you.

Make the request on STATEHILL, those who have, will contact you. If you don’t, how will we know?

Welcome! You’re in the most visited site in the world, STATEHILL. 2014