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Looking at the scope of business in the world, more efforts are put in creating jobs, finding that perfect employee, making sound investments, renting of free and unused space in properties. It is all ways of increasing turnover and lowering expenditure, basic overheads ratio. The trend is to survive and so are all businesses and individuals able to find ways to increase their profit margins. So while all is a common game, the equal concern is in all shady operators, constantly looking for an opportunity to swindle someone or businesses of their hard earned cash flow.Leaving the very same job statistics who were to adjust fiscal reported counts to lower than the previous year’s. Wondering what the next day’s table necessities will come from. This is the uncaring times if you may call it, but yet again, new and better ways of doing business are born everyday to counter the bad-business practices of the less compassionate civilians of the modern times. Bridging the gap, being more watchful will cause insomnia, but being able to utilize the available resources for a lesser stress swell, is termed smart and an unselfish act in human behavior. Deciding to leasing and allowing the homeless a chance to recoup’ in a abandoned establishment, whether a warehouse, a invaluable badly located office block, barnyard or whatever the structure may be, is seen as an act of humanity, but to the capitalists, a incorrect move for adding figures. 2014, marks a beginning of a change. An effort to balance if not, shift the scale in favor of humanity by allowing users to decide freely, not being pressurized by the satisfaction of “want” but imagining the “need” of the lesser fortunate in current terms, “the employee” who helps grow a turnover on a little income bracket, among’st others. STATEHILL has been formed on these grounds, giving for the sake of’, yet not being controlled by gains. A man was selling his vehicle for cash, but whenever a customer came to buy, the price was judgmental. Every time he spoke of the car, the more he fell in love with it. The higher the love, the higher the Dollar. The vehicle value was an estimated 500. but he would forget and close the quote on 10,000. Is this how all is priced? We want to influence a turn to low, Are you in favor? we’re asking for goods and services to be charged based on value and not love for it. Let it go, don’t trap for it, let it go. STATEHILL has created a platform for all individuals/ traders to become friends, sellers to remember that when it was packed away, there was no price tag. Buyers to accept a fair price as our sellers will suggest. ‘Half a loaf is better than nothing” or how would you correct this statement? Make the difference. “A buyer is always a seller”. Welcome. STATEHILL CLASSIFIEDS.

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