Why sponsor Us?

The Cultural Carnival Event (CCE) is not only the first in the world, but the only one with a focus on world unity through culture. Our diversity as humans is the reason the world is colorful and beautiful. We embrace our differences, we acknowledge each others unique styles and understand the reason we are created. All we must do is love ourselves through the other. God’s command to all mankind is; Love the Lord your God with all of yourself and love your neighbor as yourself. How else can we fulfill His commandment if we are not ready to see the beauty in our cultures first? God is the master potter, let us then rejoice at what he has done, do, will do for us as human beings.

Sponsoring and Investing in us, will grow unity and tolerance like a seed sown in the earth, all around the world we live in. Good returns on your investment or loan in the long run. And for businesses, will;

  1. Puts you in the Spotlight
  2. Get Your Brand Noticed
  3. Puts you in front of your Target Market
  4. Easily Market Your Business
  5. Generate Leads and New Contacts
  6. Make new Clients/ Customers/Business
  7. A “taste” of your business

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South African Inventions

South Africa’s amazing inventions!

Why wait to get a job when you can Invent something for the world? Those small ideas you sort of ignore and think it’s a foolish day dream, put it on paper and you might just get a surprise of what your capabilities truly are. Contact the IDC.

Some inventions that changed the world, developed by South Africans were the CAT Scan, Pratley, the KreepyKrauly, Putty and more.

A former minister of science and technology, Derek Hanekom once said after the development of the world’s first digital laser “This groundbreaking development is further evidence of the great potential we have in scientific innovation. That the world’s first digital laser should come from our country is testimony to the calibre of scientists that South Africa has,”

Visit the Heritage Carnival Event and learn more about inventions.