What is National Heritage Carnival?

A day of celebration and nation building, a family day to enjoy a African festival with a difference. All is welcome, to see the beauty of South Africans in color.

The National Heritage carnival, conducted yearly by Statehill, will break the boundaries that has limited each cultural group, and broaden it for the whole land to unite and partake in. Making it one “National Heritage celebration event”. That is aimed at building pride and tolerance for all by all. Uniting the cultures and making one massive and grand Heritage carnival, will help us focus on cultural development. Presented will be community dancers from all parts of the country, and Africa in coming years, Showcasing their meals, cultural fashion, dance, inventions, talent, skills and art, mostly, bring the nation together.




Statehill invites you to the first, 16 day annual National Heritage Carnival event.

Your presence will be as an inspiration to the Youth and all creative/ innovative cultural persons of our country. It is our belief that we can change the future of our country together by presenting the many career opportunities there are in South Africa. By presenting a platform and informing all attendees of the event or online users, we will be creating awareness of individual capacity, and feeding the future by eradicating unemployment. This is a fund raise dependent initiative, aimed at educating the communities in all spheres of the land. Some information and media from the event will be used to further illustrate our cause, as a information and opportunity center for current learners, all in South Africa and the world. We hope you will grace us with your presence and support for the event, which will be in Johannesburg. Showcasing South Africa’s growth, intelligence, pride, beauty and diverse cultures to the world.

South Africa has sufficient transport services from anywhere in the country, affordable and reliable. 


Come enjoy a ride in our beautiful Sightseeing Metrobus.

Gau-Bus and Gautrain services 


Johannesburg Metrobus


Greyhound Bus services.

Support of the Heritage carnival event means a lot to us, as we take on this journey of community building and assistance to those in need, to a different level. The plan is to empower through support of their cultural activities, and help eradicate unemployment through educational programs that will enlighten them. Business and inventions is one of them. Our Mission, our goal.

Be a Sponsor.

Support us by displaying your products and Information at the event. for a small fee, Choose from a list of available slots:  

  Advertising your company logo on a Large Banner, showing your support for the event and as a Proudly South African Business, for a small fee. Contact us for more information.