As a company, this is where you want to feature, as the proud sponsor of what is close to the hearts of your supporters, their Heritage. The best maximum exposure any business can dream of, Take the challenge, Set up the Banner, Flag, Sticker, Bus. Cards, Pamphlets etc. Join in to make a better tomorrow for your clients. 


Puts you in the Spotlight

President’s Park will help you create a business presence at the event, position your business as an power and authority in your industry. Use the event to help you gain respect and credibility by standing out from the pack of attendees, by flagrantly displaying your products and marketing materials. CCE will bring attendees who are eager to find out about your business directly to you Instead of just looking for people to share your business card with.

Get Your Brand Noticed

Your banner featured in the program/ website/ads of the event, with your logo and having an item in the gift bags, are all great ways to use the power of your sponsorship to get brand recognition and support.

Puts you in front of your Target Market

The CCE event organizers are spending time and money marketing the event to your target audience, come prepared to take full advantage of this opportunity. CCE is bringing all these attendees into the yard, Make sure to create eye catching marketing materials, stunning signs, business cards and product displays that draw attendees to you. You will have driven the game home.

Easily Market Your Business

We all know how much advertising can cost you, It can run in the Thousands just to place an ad in a publication. Spending that same amount or less as a CCE sponsor or vendor, is an investment that will bring you good ROI. Your name and logo will feature among thousands of attendees, who is your target market. By using CCE to your best advantage, there will be no limit on your potential ROI, not only now, but annually for the rest of a 2-10 year investment. We have estimated a large number of attendees and increasing every year, isn’t that what you would prefer? But to be in the first list of sponsors, is history and your company will feature always as a popular hero and the people’s supporter for the rest of your future.

Generate Leads and New Contacts

Prepare or put a lead generation system in place for the event. People from around the country and abroad, will give up business cards and email addresses, sign contracts, buy products or just in exchange for a chance to win a great prize in a drawing, samples or promotional item giveaways. Use the CCE event sponsorship to your best advantage.

Make new Clients/ Customers/Business

The CCE will help you form new business partnerships, meet potential new clients and customers, even like-minded business professionals. Possibilities are endless.

A “taste” of your business

You will have the opportunity to bring samples as giveaways or discounted items, affording you a way to capture attention from all attendees. It is up to you to be creative & think of out-of-the-box. Think ways to stand out, share a sample or trial offer of your product or services. We suggest that you engage with attendees and turn them into new customers and impress existing ones too.

It makes perfect business sense.


What is the sure response from the Park?

  • It will create and Increase your brand loyalty,
  • Create awareness of the brand on a large scale,
  • Drive retail traffic to your doorstep,
  • Highlight community responsibility,
  • Offer Opportunity to Capture sales leads,
  • Increase your sales/ membership base,
  • A Platform to Showcase your Products and Services,
  • An Annual National Heritage event.
  • A good ROI sponsorship.
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