NHCE Objective

South African heritage celebration

The National Heritage carnival, conducted yearly, aims at hosting all cultural community dancers from all parts of the country and Africa, also in coming years. To showcase their culture, dance, meals, cultural fashion and art. The event will not only focus on Heritage, but also showcase from South Africa’s inventions to farming and animals. Show to all our land through the eyes of our Tourism Department. Entertain all through music festivals, S.A films etc.

We are inviting and involving all citizens of our beautiful country in whatever they would want to present, to come and do so, whether business opportunities or careers or simply fun. We are planning the biggest gathering in Mzansi (South Africa), to make it a wonderful and educational time of our heritage celebration. Come and marvel the beauty of our diverse nation and be educated.


Statehill’s National Heritage Carnival event will be hosted yearly and attract over a million visitors in the upcoming years. With the proceeds, be able to invest in a Heritage site, with huts and all needed avenues, new business ideas and Inventions. Whilst supporting and encouraging high standard talent, will focus on the upgrading of our communities and sourcing of opportunities for them to engage in. Possibilities are endless. The sponsorship need not be entirely in terms of raw cash, but also material that you will feel useful for organizing our fest well. We need your support to make possible the, transporting and compensation of dancers, venue fees and security, transport for workers and remuneration, media expenses, stage and electronics. Performers etc. The Carnival plans to attract over 500,000 plus attendees and increasing yearly. While it will serve as a fun event, it will help support all cultural programs and art, help eradicate unemployment in our country.


We, as a nation have come a long way, it is now our duty and responsibility to build our country, to make a future so bright, that our children and their children will continue building for their better living. Forgetting our forefather’s struggles and sorrows, our roots, and where we come from is not a way forward, because we forget the reasons we need to be successful. South Africa is beautiful and blessed, we must not allow it to be stolen from us by drugs, crime, unemployment, poverty, lack of opportunities, color, xenophobia, hatred, terrorism etc. but protect it with knowledge, unity, prayer, strength and the will to survive together. Be innovative, rather than copying other worlds. Build and make our own products, be self-sufficient and prosper. Teach ourselves the value of freedom and not stand against each other, but for each other as citizens of one country. We have an opportunity to rebuild love, peace, happiness and our land. Let us do it together, supporting good ideas, encouraging growth through support schemes. Our aim is to do that, we are building a future of supporters. The National Heritage Carnival, is our first step to a growing and a helpful South Africa.