National Heritage event

South Africa will be celebrating their September 2017 National Heritage in Johannesburg. The whole Country is expected to attend and be part of it.

What is National Heritage Carnival?

A day of celebration and nation building, a family day to enjoy a African festival/ expo with a difference. All is welcome, to see the beauty of South Africans in color.

The National Heritage carnival, conducted yearly by Statehill, will break the boundaries that has limited each cultural group, and broaden it for the whole land to unite and partake in. Making it one “National Heritage celebration event”. That is aimed at building pride and tolerance for all by all. Uniting the cultures and making one massive and grand Heritage carnival, will help us focus on cultural development. Presented will be community dancers from all parts of the country, and Africa in coming years, Showcasing their meals, cultural fashion, dance, inventions, talent, skills and art, mostly, bring the nation together.


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