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Make a difference, Donate

 The International company that cares, Donate.

How it works

To make a difference in someone’s life, by filling in the attached form and sending your request for Donations or Pledge.
– We will either forward the mail to the intended party or,
– We will link You to contact them Directly.
– Make sure it is a legal and existing organization before you send your donation.
– If uncomfortable with the arrangement, let STATEHILL know and we will refer the matter to the authorities in the respective Country, to assist you.
– Ask for documentation if possible.
– Offer to visit the site before finalization of any arrangements.
– If Person, Offer to meet at a Police station for delivery.
– Once all is done, the parties will send us their thank you note, success story, Pictures for publishing on our website.
If they are not on our Website, they will be asked to join.
– If you have Donated before, Please send us your Picture or logo for our Heroes Section, and the Organization donated to. We would like to celebrate you too.
– Please be careful when dealing with individuals.
Thank you for giving Freely.
Statehill is not a fundraising organization, but a beacon of hope, a meeting portal for all. We are as servants that carry the message to those who requested it. We are uniting the human race through good deeds. Affording all a chance to give in the spirit of good, and glory by the receiver to the giver.
We know you understand our strategy and are able join with us and do something to this regard.
How many incidents have we heard of since birth? Many. Then we couldn’t do anything about it, but now we can, we have so many resources to use to give hope, strength and courage.
Donate anything, Goods, Food, Financial assistance, Services etc. There is no limit to good.
Volunteering your time and energy is also a way of donating to those in need. Offer to help raise funds, paint, clean, cook or with whatever they may need you for. Not only will they appreciate it, but to know that you also put your hand together with them to make it happen, is priceless.