Since the beginning of time, there was a gap between the inhabitants of the earth, the poor, the rich and the average or middle class.
This was designed so that those who were in an advantaged state of life, would show appreciation of what they have received by sharing with the not so advantaged. I think you know what I am talking about. This is the sorting of the nations for the worthy cause and inheritance.
Statehill acknowledges that this is true and is a worthy cause for the good of all mankind. And we are joining hands with all humanity to aid the needy, this site is proof that we care and we are not alone, You have joined us and together, while we can, we charter the worthy course.

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 The International company that cares, Donate. How it works To make a difference in someone’s life, by filling in the attached form and sending your request for Donations or Pledge. – We will either forward the mail to the intended party or, – We will link You to contact them Directly. – Make sure it …