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Statehill has a dynamic plan in motion, by joining the Panel of members, you will discover a new world of sales, e.g. Selling a house, it has never been so easy, Statehill will be right by your side, every step of the way, advertising proudly for you and your company. This idea was initiated to help all, buyers and sellers achieve their goals.

Our aim is to build customer confidence through intelligence, service by Panel members, customer satisfaction through systems, smoothness through channels, a peace of mind service that is easy to enter and deliver. This will be STATEHILL making it possible to work together towards a common goal, yet, all making a success of it all.

Our qualified team is able to support and guide all our partners in the industry, creating a smooth and hassle free transition in acquiring and handing over of properties. This is the new way of customer service excellency.

Our site is an intro of great things to come. Working together and in support of one another’s field of trade and expertise, is proof that we care about the things that are dear to you. and we believe “Why Not?”. your success is ours, if we make you win, so will we.  We want to give you a site you’ve always dreamt of, where all property needs are put together for your convenience – Visit our Classifieds by clicking on “LET’S GO”, load your items and let the Hand do its work, and let’s make it possible for all to benefit. whether it’s Property (House, Farm, Land, Commercial buildings or shops), Vehicles or any general items you want to exchange for cash, load it.

Why not even Donate those unwanted items to the needy, ahaa! never thought of that aint it so? Yes, donate it OR request it, a Thank You is the greatest reward and satisfaction for a good deed. Or give someone a job, clothing, blankets, a pen or education, you have saved someone through support. Can you now see where we are heading?  we are not a local company with a local focus, but an international company with an international focus. STATEHILL. Our Panel of service providers will be able to discount their prices in the near future, because you care to engage. 

​A change is what we want to bring to all types of people, irrespectively, by availing all kinds of goods, services and information. We believe that in supporting others we will have achieved greater rewards than what business is about. We invite you also to join with us in making someone’s dream come true. Advertise on Statehill what you don’t necessarily need, and have no storage for it anywhere in your capacity and we, guarantee you that someone out there needs it. Influence the good you expect. FM.