What is Change?

What is a Change?

Definition: Is to make the form, nature, content, future course, etc different from what it is or from what it would be if left alone: to change one’s name; to change one’s opinion. to change the course of history. To transform or convert, exchange for something else, to change places with someone. to transfer from one thing to another:

Heritage is transforming to a unified celebration. Since Heritage day became a holiday, communities in south Africa got together to celebrate this occasion, wonderfully presented and dancing in song. marked the restoration of cultures, reminding all that we are even with all the western influences, Africans. 

but what was missing was the joint operation of these customs, the different ethnic groups would do it on their own, in their locations and this practice hid the beauty of our diversity. We are now coming out to one location and we are going to shine our customs for all to admire. This is the way forward.

One massive Heritage Carnival event, one hope, one country, one joyous celebration, confessing that we are South Africans, telling the stories of hope, survival, struggles for the right to exist, grow, right to equality, education, employment, innovation, invention, farming, trade, unity etc. This taught many Africans Ubuntu and tolerance. it taught even the young that we are in the same boat, though differentiated by cultures, we were the victims of the same challenge. We understood that the reason God created us and put us together, that we must live and accept our challenges, turn them to opportunities, be victorious in the art of being good and our humane believes for us to rebuild our beautiful land. We learnt that when we didn’t have, we were the same as we now have, compassionate Africans. We changed anger to hope for a new democracy, a new country because we learnt that you don’t war against your challenges, but push on to reach the end goal.  

The struggle is not over, it has moved closer to every South African in a different form. It’s now called unemployment. It is real, it is rude, it is cruel and has no friend or mercy. We are now forced to challenge it back, stand and push it away, not by establishing, instigating, plotting, hate, blame or practice of crime. But long term sustenance, company formation, partnership and narrowing the vast plains to one vision, success of our country.

What better way is there to initiate such move, if not by uniting and standing against the biggest and meaner enemy of our time, unemployment. We need to share strategies, information, support of each other’s dreams and visions, listen to one another and assist where possible.

The National Heritage Carnival event is aiming at just that. To stand against the silent bad influence of our time called “Crime for unemployment” and calling all to stand with and sharpen our skills to run Businesses, Health, Nature and care for one another. Respect and tolerance. most importantly, share the rewards for the betterment of our future. 

Who is South Africans? we believe that it is all those that dwell in it, who help us grow, build, sustain, live in peace, loves the people. Those that don’t do harm or rob our land, but is patriotic and share in the passion of it, is a South African. Not because he/she is Black, White, Colored, Indian, Asian or anything else, but because he/she is on its side, and do believe that it is green and beautiful. and God made us all to live together in it and in unity.

That is a change. US!

Statehill- Heritage/ culture