National Heritage Carnival?

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It is easy to misunderstand the word, CARNIVAL, and think it means the usual we see everywhere. No, this is the African Cultural way, we call it “Umhlanga dance”. When the youth and adults of the land display their strength, courage, beauty and determination to survive and exist together in a God given land.

You realize that it is a humble nation strengthening family bonds and friendship. They walk in a ceremonial dance of unity, fostering peace with one another in a single song and beat of a drum. You are suddenly moved at the innocence displayed in a unique way, not ashamed or fearful, but proud to be a creation under the sun.

This is Africa, beautiful and meek, patient and warm.

The ground echoes sounds of a single note and beat of a drum, it carries in the wind. The men stomp the ground in a powerful bare feet dance that make you feel inadequate, and practice is imminent. You feel the joy, you unite and find yourself in the middle of the dance, doing it too in singleness of heart. You are an African.  

It is a Trade Center carnival: Most, if not all S.A. companies will be present to showcase their trade/ industry. showing the available careers and how to achieve the necessary qualifications to be able to work for them.

It is a Food Carnival:  Where all South African types of food will be found, for all tasters to enjoy.

Its a Fun Carnival: All kinds of fun and entertainment will be available for the family to enjoy. 

It’s a Inventions Carnival: What do you wish to invent? Attendees will be inspired, wowed at just how much you can do or still need to be done.  The event will move you to think further than you did before. Equip you to go and design.

It’s our history Carnival, Come see our Old and recent history, the How’s and who’s, when, what and why. 

Come enjoy a carnival with a difference. National Heritage Carnival (NHC) – 2017